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Choice, with its array of Food products for the home, has a consumer base exceeding 10 million, and is a household name across the country. This site is intended to provide visitors with more information about the company and its various products. It also has provision that allows visitors to contact the company for more information.For over 15 years, Choice Foods has been a trusted name in Kerala homes.Today the Choice symbol remains a sure sign of old fashioned values and Integrity.CHOICE FOODS (INDIA) Is a reputed food product manufacturing company based in Trichur.Today "CHOICE" has become a household name as its flavor pervades everywhere. The "CHOICE" Brand includes Spice Powder, Fruit Squashes, Syrups, Crushes, Soft Drink Concentrates,FruitJams,Sauces,Pickles,Vinegar.

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Choice symbol remains a sure sign of old fashioned values and Integrity


Authentic, traditional health and value pack, which is more than natural!

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On time delivery drives better collaboration with Our customers

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No pesticides in the ingredients. No impurities in your food.

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Choice symbol remains a sure sign of old fashioned values and Integrity.

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Our mission

enjoy the melting softness of the appetizing Kerala breakfast without losing the traditional taste and providing high Quality products

Our Vision

its growing popularity to the professional commitment to guaranteeing world-class quality services to customers.

Our aim

To be a renowned and significant brand in the food industry globally by providing customers the authentic products of the highest quality and taste.

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Choice Food- The Real Taste Maker

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